Elijah, sketch from life, drawn in pencil.

Another post, this one written while at my studio.


I did this sketch about a year ago, while attending a local figure drawing group’s life drawing session. We’d meet every week, sometimes more than that, to have the opportunity to draw a live model.

Elijah was some fellow that Ben (the guy who runs the figure drawing group) just happened to meet while out and about. Elijah agreed to post for portraits and shirtless. (Some models pose for us nude, some pose clothed.) Ben has a talent for getting models! Elijah is a remarkable young man with many talents and interests, and some fascinating stories to tell. We had a wonderful drawing session with him.

I took some photos of Elijah during that drawing session, and plan on doing a painting based on this approximate same pose. Should be interesting!

Blogging, blogging, blogging

Since this is my daily rambling art blog, I’ll discuss that a  bit while I’m here.

Google decided to start measuring how well all our web sites work on mobile devices. So some of my old, old, old sites (like 14+ years!) aren’t up to snuff. They were designed and created for a whole different type of technology, old 15″ 600×800 resolution monitors, and 56K modems! Yikes!

So I’m trying to create some more content with the WordPress (blogging) format, in the hopes that it’ll conform better to future advances in technology and with whatever we are using to get online in another 14+ years! (I shudder at the thought!) So I was setting up some blogs and doing some fiddling.

It is an arduous task, I must say.

My studio companion

My mom, reading aloud to me at my studio, as I paint.

Often when I go to paint at my studio, I bring along my mom. She reads aloud to me as I paint. She’s always been a ‘great reader’ (to quote Jane Austen) and you can’t stop her! Her reading aloud to me and my siblings as we were children are a major reason why we all are ‘great readers’ ourselves!

She reads with a lot of expression and emotion and makes everything she reads much more interesting as a result. She’s retired and her life has slowed down a bit. Reading aloud (and having it appreciated—as I truly do!) gives her so much joy and a feeling of accomplishment. We’ve gone through many books this way. I am painting, and she is reading. I hope we can continue this practice for a long time. I always feel like I get an extra blessing and my paintings turn out better when she is with me, reading.

If you have a senior in your life who likes to read, ask them to read to you as you work! You’ll benefit so much from it, and they will too. And it’s a lovely feeling of accomplishment to realize how many books you’ve both “read” together!