Work in Progress, 10×10″ oil on linen stretched over cradled panel

Another Work in Progress!

I posted this on Facebook but since this site is more for day-to-day blogging, I’m posting it here!

I have about a half hour or 45 minutes into this piece so far. I liked the spontaneity of it (so far). I usually end up overworking a painting, so wanted to document how it looked before I messed it all up!

Another notable thing about this painting is that it’s my first experiment with using a Trekell “Linen Wrapped Panel.” This is quite unique (at least for what I’m used to) and I’m really liking it! It’s a cradled wood panel with linen stretched over and stapled on the backside (like a regular stretched canvas, but there’s a wood backing to support the canvas). I really like it! I bought some samples of the various other flavors of panels from Trekell. I hope they continue to sell these, because I think they’re fabulous!