Jason Aaron Baca acrylics study, 4×5″ oil on panel. Thanks to Jason Aaron Baca (model) and Portia Shao (photographer) for the stock photo used as reference!

I did this little study in acrylics, and I guess the texture in the canvas, as well as the small size (which made the texture bigger in proportion) made it a very difficult painting to scan or photograph! So I took my scan (which had a lot of reflected canvas texture) and fiddled with some filters in Photoshop, in hopes of bringing out the painting and minimizing the canvas texture. This attempt is only partially successful in doing that.

Another notable thing about this painting is that it was painted with the Zorn Palette, which is a limited palette consisting of only White, Vermillion (Cadmium Red Light will do), Black (often Ivory Black), and Yellow Ochre. I write more about the Zorn Palette on my main site.

You can see another picture of the painting (which I took with my mobile phone, ironically) on my main site’s blog, which escaped capturing all the canvas texture, but still (I think) made the colors too harsh.