Yeah, so much for posting “daily” to this blog! We see how well that worked out!

But I have something to post today. And I still have plans for this blog; no really, I do! 😉

I’m taking an online class (atelier) from fabulous acrylics portrait artist, Chantel Barber.

So I have my first assignment, a small acrylics sketch. I won’t describe the assignment in too much detail, because it’s Chantel’s class and if you want to know what her specific instruction is, then take her classes yourself! 🙂

Acrylics study, cropped from 6×6″ acrylics on panel.

Pencil thumbnail of photo reference.

Thanks to Erieye Stock for the photo used as reference. Yeah, I know, my painting looks nothing like the reference! LOL!

Oh, how I struggle with acrylics! That’s why I am taking this class!

The colors in the painting look more subdued than in the photo ref. I don’t know what to say—my iPad seems to cool colors down, because I saw a lot more pale, subtle colors on the iPad, including some green in the forehead area and around the mouth. It’s not so evident in this photo, displaying on my desktop computer. Oh well.