Yes, I know this was supposed to be a “daily painting” blog, and it’s been anything but. But I don’t care, here I am, back again. With some long pontificating posts which no one will ever read! HA!

So I must tell the story of the Natalie and Vince. It’s not a story that’s yet completed.

I asked some some artist friends, a married couple, to model for me. I took a lot of pictures, and started some paintings based on a few of the poses.

First, I did some “comps” (rough sketches) of what I wanted to paint.

“Comps” (rough compositions) of Vince and Natalie, oil on canvas panel.

The comp of Natalie, I decided after looking at it that…naw, I didn’t like that. I decided to use a different photo of her as reference.

With Vince, I decided I wanted a more vertical (rather than square) composition.

So here is what I have of Natalie right now. And it’s not yet “right” or finished. But close, I hope.

“Natalie,” 12×12 oil on cradled panel. Almost done.

I warned them that the likeness might be not quite right (because these are not commissioned portraits or anything). And I lived up to that! This is not an exact portrait of Natalie by any means!

Then, I started with Vince. This was a troubled, tortured, difficult portrait.  It had been slated to be shown in a local art show, and I was rushing and burning the midnight oil to get it done in time. But the night before the show I had an epiphany, and that was that the painting was dreadful. It needed to be turned to the wall in shame.

But a funny thing happened. When I next went to my studio (several days later), the Vince painting, while still quite bad, wasn’t quite as dreadful as I had first thought. Probably, in my weary, frenzied state trying to make the deadline for the art show, I had overreacted.

So it will still be turned to the wall for a while, but I don’t think I’ll be painting over it. There may be some hope for it yet. Though, I predict that in a few years I’ll look at it and still cringe. Ah, such is life.

“Vince,” 18×24″ oil on cradled panel. Not done. It doesn’t look very much like Vince. There are other issues with it.

I had forgotten something, and trying to make the deadline for this art show reminded me of it again. I HATE DEADLINES. I do not work well when I am sweating bullets trying to squeeze in right under the wire. I lose my perspective!

The Vince painting was a good exercise for two reasons: I tackled fabric (something I haven’t done in a long time) and it was a larger format than I’ve worked in for ages. (I usually work small, like 6×6″, with 12×12″ and 12×16″ being the “largest” I do on average.) I just wish the painting had been more successful right out of the gate. Ah well.

P.S. About the art show I was hoping to enter? Well, Vince didn’t make it, but the other two paintings I entered got awards! Including Best of Show! Woot! My gratitude to the judges!