DAY TWO of “Elegant Lady” (temp title) WORK IN PROGRESS. 14×14″ oil on cradled panel.

So I did this yesterday. Along with finishing up a little portrait, which can be found on my “main” personal blog.

So I didn’t do anything today (well, technically, yesterday, Wednesday) because it was busy with lots of errands and I was worn out. So all I have is Wednesday’s effort. I’d better be able to do some more studio time today (Friday), dammit!

The drawing is still whacked in parts of this, but so far I’m having fun with it. I especially love pushing the warms and cools. I’m using a lot of Charvin’s pastel custom mixes (either Fine or Extra Fine oil colors). Charron Blue, Julia Pink, Celadon, and a lavendar, other pale greens…they’re all fabulous. I mix them as a sort of pseudo “white” (meaning I lighten my mixtures with these pastel colors) and they just seem to work very well for me. Especially Charron Blue. That is an absolute must-have.

I’m bummed that Jerry’s has raised the prices on their Charvin Fine colors. It used to be around $10 for a 150 mL tube, now it’s up to $14 and you really have to buy in bulk to get down to $10. Sure, I know they have sales, but this rise in prices looks like they aren’t going to get down to $10 all that often. Oh well, I do have a nice stockpile of Charvin colors already!