T-shirt design from 6dollarshirts.com.

I’m turning into a crazy cat lady! I’m turning into my aunts, who have cat trinkets, doo-dads, and tchotchkes! Anything related to cats, they have!

But what I’m doing is getting cat t-shirts, like the above design from 6dollarshirts.com, because it’s so hilarious. And it’s only $6. But I also figure that wearing these type of funny cat t-shirts fits with my artistic persona, aka the “Painter of Cats.” So I have an excuse, see? I have to wear the cat t-shirts, see?

I haven’t posted any cat paintings here lately, so here are a few (from my other blog).

“Big Ears,” 5×5″ oil on panel.

“Smug Cat,” 8×8″ oil on panel.

“I am Siamese” 6×6″ oil on panel.