About me: I’m an artist who likes to draw and paint, preferably from life.

This blog was started on a semi-whim. I have a few other websites, and probably don’t need any more!

But I thought maybe I could use a more “day to day” website. Another way to describe the purpose of this site is, I often post WIPs (works in progress), figure drawing sketches, and other odds and ends on Facebook. They aren’t deemed important enough to go on my main site. So now, instead of just posting those things on Facebook, I’ll post them here as well, and add more commentary (when I feel like it).

A few of my other sites include:

jdunster.com (my official art site, which has a blog and some web galleries).

portrait-art.biz (sort of a mish-mash of stuff, with more of an emphasis on tutorials).

(Note that some graphics on this site are copyrighted to portrait-art.org. That’s another domain name I own, and it directs to this site, at least for now!)

What will this site be like? I don’t know. I wouldn’t discount having a lot of tutorials here too, but time will tell.